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outdoor double lounger

outdoor double lounger

There is no better way to enjoy the sun in your backyard than by relaxing on an outdoor double lounger. An outdoor double daybed adds a hint of a tropical paradise to any backyard or poolside area.

outdoor double lounger

Enjoy comfort and style with an outdoor double lounger.

Daybeds do more than just look good in your garden, swimming pool or backyard. They are the ultimate combination of style and functionality. Daybeds are as comfortable as a couch and last long despite being exposed to harsh outdoor weather. The cushions are nice and thick, making it comfortable yet firm to lie on.

Ergonomic design

You need an outdoor double lounger that offers more than a sleek, curvy design. Our daybeds have an ergonomic design. Thus, it contours with your body, giving you a natural and relaxed feeling. The sturdy braided stainless steel construction makes the daybed durable as it is resistant to corrosion and rust.

You can always get a waterproof cushion cover to leave the cushions out on the daybed during rainy days. Besides, you can always ask us to customize the cushions, either by changing the colour or branding them with your preferred logo.