Advantages of open mouth bags

bags open mouth

Open mouth bags are mainly made of poly-woven or multi-walled paper can either be heat sealed or sewen closed. Such bags carrying powder products have a filler cord added or a tape folded over the top to prevent leaking. Other types of these bags include pinch top bags with a glue strip at the top side and heat-sealed. For products with a flour texture and are hygroscopic, paper bags line the inside of the bag and are usually heat sealed.

Advantages of using them

1. They are cheaper than other carrier bags in the market compared to polythene bags.

2. They can easily be disposed of because they are bio-degradable.

3. They can be used to store organic material for a long time, compared to polythene bags.

4. They can be leak-proof & not open to infestation.

5. They are self-supporting and are suitable for display and space-saving.

Final Thought

The high-quality material, type of material used, and sealing technique used in open mouth bags provide longer shelf life for organic products like cereals, sugar, and fertilisers. The bags also allow for safe opening and sealing to preserve the content inside. Open mouth bags are the best choice whenever you are planning to store product for a long time.