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outdoor double lounger

outdoor double lounger

There is no better way to enjoy the sun in your backyard than by relaxing on an outdoor double lounger. An outdoor double daybed adds a hint of a tropical paradise to any backyard or poolside area.

outdoor double lounger

Enjoy comfort and style with an outdoor double lounger.

Daybeds do more than just look good in your garden, swimming pool or backyard. They are the ultimate combination of style and functionality. Daybeds are as comfortable as a couch and last long despite being exposed to harsh outdoor weather. The cushions are nice and thick, making it comfortable yet firm to lie on.

Ergonomic design

You need an outdoor double lounger that offers more than a sleek, curvy design. Our daybeds have an ergonomic design. Thus, it contours with your body, giving you a natural and relaxed feeling. The sturdy braided stainless steel construction makes the daybed durable as it is resistant to corrosion and rust.

You can always get a waterproof cushion cover to leave the cushions out on the daybed during rainy days. Besides, you can always ask us to customize the cushions, either by changing the colour or branding them with your preferred logo.

graco replacement parts

Review on Graco replacement parts

Graco is company that deals with manufacturing and distribution of fluid management products. It was founded by the Gray brothers back in 1926. They have grown ever since from being a local family business to a global company by discovering a niche in our markets that kept them growing. They have taken advantage of the modern technology and through this they have been able to help solve our problems by producing new and finest products in the market. They put their customers’ safety first and through this they have produced Graco replacement parts for their Graco products.

why you should consider buying their replacement parts

I believe, buying replacement parts for your industrial products should never give you a headache. You should choose a reliable supplier who will deliver exactly what you need in a fast, transparent and efficient way. When purchasing the replacement parts, it’s advisable for one to use the model number and manufacture date of the product in order to ensure that the product is the perfect fit.

Experience when buying their products

Using their customer friendly experts who are ready to answer all your questions, they ensure that you get nothing short of the best experience. You get to purchase the best products that will take you a long way in an affordable price that saves you some money which you can use to buy something else. You may visit their website online to see their customers’ reviews and also check their products.

hardness testing

Best Practices in Hardness Test

Hardness testing, as applied to various materials, is a valuable mechanical procedure that has been in effect for over 250 years. The test gives critical details around the strength and the effectiveness of the material prior to production. It is an extensive procedure employed in many industries, particularly automotive, aeroscope and quality control, among others.

Top quality

The Value of Good Practices in the Tests

Good practices are paramount to achieving accurate results, meaning that the right testing techniques must be followed. In a Rockwell test, for instance, which is considered the most accurate hardness testing method, adherence to standards cannot be overstated. Poor execution of the test can give wrong readings and eventually lead to the production of a substandard item. Factors such as the area of the item, the material, specimen thickness, test location, scale limitations and the homogeneity of the specimen must be accounted for.


Factors to Consider

Before starting off with your test, ensure that the specimen and the surface are smooth and clean. A test is critical to establish the level of components and the quality control of the material. The information gathered from the test verifies the structural integrity and heat treatment, meaning that good practices should be followed. Before testing, ensure that the area does not have too much vibration. Otherwise, the performance of the tester and the readings of the hardness could be affected.

Every hardness test is dictated by the microstructure of the specimen, such as the homogeneity, the condition, the material and the size of the parts to be tested. Whichever application you choose, ensure careful preparation and execution.