mineral fertilizer

mineral fertilizer

What is a Mineral Fertilizer?

There are two types of fertilizers namely the organic fertilizer and the mineral fertilizer. They are created differently and each type has its benefits. Organic fertilizers are created from plants and animals, while the latter is made through several chemical processes.

Components of the fertilizer
Although mineral fertilizers are made through chemical processes, the components can be found naturally. These fertilizers are made of three main nutrients:
• Nitrogen
• Phosphate
• Potassium
It might also comprise of other nutrients which are present in smaller amounts. Such nutrients are calcium, iron and magnesium.

Advantages of the Fertilizer

The fertilizer renders all these nutrients to the plants in the purest form possible. One advantage of mineral fertilizers is that the nutrients are made available to the plant immediately. Thus, the plant can absorb the nutrients on the spot.

How to Apply the Fertilizer

The fertilizer is highly soluble and you can add it to plants as you water them. Mineral fertilizers are fast-acting because the nutrients are instantly available to the plants. As long as you use the right amount of mineral fertilizer, your plants will bloom and grow well. Note that you must apply the fertilizer with caution. Improper application will lead to accumulation of salts in the soil and this can damage the plants.

mineral fertilizer

Mineral Fertilizers from BAC

All mineral fertilizers from BAC have been created in a way that all the nutrients balance well. They have made sure that all nutrients are present for sufficient plant growth. BAC has several mineral fertilizers in the markets and these are:
• 1 Component Soil Bloom Nutrients (used in soil during the blooming)
• 1 Component Soil Grow Nutrients (used in soil during the growth)
• Cocos Grow Nutrients (use in cocos during blooming or growth)
• Hydro Bloom & Hydro Grow (used in hydroponics systems)
• F1 Extreme Booster (used in all growing medium)