Surf School Reservation System

Running a surf school business is never easy. At times, you might find yourself spending more time in the office searching for clients and handling bookings, as opposed to on the beach doing what you love. Thanks to surf school software, you do not have to cold-call or advertise to clients anymore. They can find you. More so, with a surf school reservation system, your clients can enrol and schedule surfing classes without being physically present at your office.

How Does Surf School Reservation System Work?

If a potential client wants to book for your surfing classes, he or she fills out an online booking form. The client then gets an account where he or she can schedule surfing lessons. To complete the reservation, the client can pay a deposit, the amount in full or none at all, as per the instructor’s payment terms. The reservation data is then forwarded to the instructor, who can then plan lessons or get in touch with the client. Both the instructor and client can stay informed on any changes or class reschedules through automated emails or notifications.

Advantages Over Traditional Booking

With a surf school reservation system, your clients can enrol for surf training anytime, whether in the morning or the wee hours of the night. They can make contactless payments through the payment method they prefer, and they can sign a waiver online. A surf school reservation system also allows you, the instructor, to schedule lessons when the ocean waves are in motion. And if there aren’t any, or if something comes up, you can reschedule with a touch of a button. A surf school reservation system is secure and highly convenient for instructors and clients who have busy life schedule. It is easy to use and saves time for both the instructor and client. Could surf training get any better than this?