The birth of the Kipling sac

The success of the Kipling sac began in 1987 in the fashion city of Antwerp. The literal translation is bag, this comes from the first iconic line of the Kipling brand, the wrinkled nylon bags, which looked a lot like a bag. Today, the brand is known worldwide and available in 80 countries and in more than 7500 stores. The brand is indispensable and not only available in the best department stores, but also via the webshop. The Kipling sac is also available at Maes & Hill Collection.

The mission

Are you curious, do you dare to live a colorful and lively life and visit places you have never been to? If your answer is yes, then you fit perfectly with the Kipling brand. In short, you dare to live the life that everyone dreams of, and that is precisely Kipling’s mission. The bags are designed especially for you, because the brand wants you to be able to choose your own way. Precisely for this reason, Kipling is all about the bold ideas and creativity of the designers.

Kipling through the years

If you were born in the 90s then you certainly know Kipling’s backpacks with the iconic monkey hanging on them. Where in the past you could only see backpacks and hip bags from Kipling, you now see much more diverse bags, but the iconic monkey has also become a lot smaller. Because the monkey is smaller you will now pay more attention to the details of the bags, the designers can now do much more with their creativity, making each Kipling sac unique. In the mid-90s, the backpack for primary schools was indispensable and at least 9 out of 10 children walked around with a Kipling sac. In the meantime, the Kipling laptop and diaper bags are also often used. The diaper bags in particular are very popular with parents who travel a lot. The bags are not only dust and water-repellent, but also have strong handles, so that everything you need on the road fits.